A Visual Storyteller


Born in 1974 in Tehran, where she was also formally educated in graphic arts, Mahsa Shoeleh departed from the orthodox genres and began to blend a rich ancient Persian artistic heritage with a modern style of her own to express inner reflections on life and lamentations on human existence through the delicate interplay of visual harmonies and the flow of dazzling and bold colors.  She uses a unique technique of applying colors, primarily using her fingertips, to create a tapestry of brilliant hues textured richly on her canvas that transform emotions into unique images of people, animals, flora, and sometimes abstract shapes.  Her distinctive signature-style, reminiscent of childhood innocence, seeks to convey a sense of emotional reality with a dash of hope embedded in each creation.  As she states in her own words:


Each piece has its own happy or sad story to tell and engages the viewer in subtle ways to allow for an individual interpretation. I let my deepest feelings dictate the composition, and the colors flow without premeditation.  The thought of clichés is anathema to my creative spirit, so I do not pretend to please the viewer.  My only loyalty is to unfettered emotions and innermost thoughts, which allows me to savor the creative moment to its fullest and set myself free and experience an entirely fresh journey during the birth of each painting


Mahsa has held numerous critically acclaimed exhibitions in her native country and internationally since 1994, and the universality of her subject matter has created a sizable number of fans around the world.  Her paintings and commissioned murals can currently be found in private and public collections in the Americas, Australia, Austria, Britain, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Poland, and Switzerland.  She settled in the United States in 2003 and currently works and lives in Southern California, where she continues to create and exhibit her artwork.